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Rim of the Valley Corridor


6/6/10 ALRA - Latest Email - National Park Service Rim Of The Valley Park Study Announcement
4/08 ALRA - Urgent Action - Rim Of The Valley land grab Congressional Hearing April 1st; Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee
5/07 ALRA - Urgent Action - Rim Of The Valley land grab Congressional Hearing June 14th; House Natural Resources Committee
2/12/05 Valley Rim plan opposed - U.S. may squeeze out property owners - LA Daily News - Susan Abram - The way Sunland resident John Brown sees it, once the government is allowed to circle in on his land and home, it'll do everything it can to squeeze out the kind of lifestyle he's enjoyed for decades..."When the park service moves in, recreation goes out," said Chuck Cushman, founder of the American Land Rights Association, based in Battle Ground, Wash. "These people don't really understand that the biggest problem is the park services will move in, and then they'll just sit on the land."...Landowners within Zuma and Trancas canyons have said the National Park Service, which owns most of the land nearby, has told them they simply can't afford to buy their properties. "Congress authorized the Santa Monica Mountains to be preserved 30 years ago, and as of today, they still haven't purchased it," said landowner Ty Sisson. "I am a landowner in the middle of the area. They purchased all the property, thousands of acres, except my land and maybe a couple of other people's. They say even though they want it, they don't have the money to buy it, so I am trapped there."  Other residents said they were not informed of the proposal until Cushman alerted them.
2/9/05 Senate OKs study of Rim of the Valley - LA Daily News - Lisa Friedman - A key U.S. Senate committee gave the go-ahead Wednesday to legislation that would allow the federal parks system to embrace a half-million new acres of mountains surrounding the San Fernando, La Crescenta, Santa Clarita, Simi and Conejo valleys...Chuck Cushman, executive director of the American Land Rights Association in Battle Ground, Wash., said he thinks local residents will consider it a federal "land grab" once they understand the extent of the study.  "This is a huge land-control measure to stop development and take private property," said Cushman, who grew up in North Hollywood. "People think it's just a big trail, and that's the problem."
2/4/05 Rim of the Valley Land Grab Re-Introduced - ALRA Alert
1/30/05 Another chance for park bill - LA Daily News - Susan Abram - Thousands of acres stretching from the Conejo Valley to the San Gabriel Mountains could become part of the federal parks system if a bill introduced into legislation last week receives another chance under the president's pen.
11/15/04 Rim of the Valley Map and Action Items - ALRA Alert
11/15/04 Rim Of The Valley Vote Anytime - ALRA Alert
9/30/04 Rim of the Valley Land Grab Moves - ALRA Alert
9/28/04 Rim of the Valley Land Grab Moves - ALRA Alert
9/21/04 Giant Land Grab On Fast Track - ALRA Alert
3/19/03 Senate Rpt.108-025 - RIM OF THE VALLEY CORRIDOR STUDY ACT
3/4/03 Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Hearing 



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