Adobe Acrobat PDF Files - This is the easiest way to display and print enlarged portions from an oversized image.  You can print a portion from Acrobat Reader but may or may not be able to do this from the PDF web browser plug-in.  Instructions:

  1. Browse to the file on the web.  If it is a PDF file the Acrobat browser plug-in will open it.  If you want to print only an enlarged part of the map, see if there is an icon button labeled "Graphics Select Tool".  If yes then skip to step 4 after pressing the button; otherwise continue.  

  2. From the web, save the PDF file to your computer by pressing the little disk icon "Saves a copy of the file".

  3. Open the file from your own computer in Adobe Acrobat Reader.  This should come up automatically by just clicking on the file.  If not you may have to download the FREE Acrobat Reader from: 

  4. Highlight the area of your interest for printing.

  5. Press the printer icon.  Make sure the "Expand Small Pages to Paper Size" box is checked.

  6. Make any other appropriate adjustments and print your selected area.  Caution: May not work on all printers.

NOTE:  If the above does not appear to apply, exact instructions are dependent on your particular printer driver.  Others may have you select and zoom to view the area desired for printing on your screen. Then under "Print Range" select "Current View" instead of "All" for what you print.

JPG Files - We don't know how to print an enlarged portion of from an oversized image other then saving it to your computer and opening it up in your graphics program (such as PaintShop or a photo processing program) and then clipping the file down to what will fit on your printer.  You could also try a "screen capture".  In PaintShopPro to start the screen capture feature, do one of the following:  Choose File > Import > Screen Capture > Start.  or Press Shift + C.  Another approach on Windows computers is to "Print the Screen" by pressing Control-PrtScn" and then pasting your captured screen in your graphics program. 

OFFICE USE ONLY:  Internal technical notes see also here.