7/14/88 John Macone - Top park official calls willing buyer, willing seller method of buying land "meaningless" - Concord Journal - The "willing buyer, willing seller" procedure of acquiring land, touted by park officials, is "meaningless" and a more proactive method is generally used, a top National Park Service official said.
7/14/88 Katherine Croteau - Political action is best bet for park plan opponents - Concord Journal - In order to defeat the current proposal for the Minute Man National Historical Park, Concordians must use the political arena.  Citizens "cannot beat it using the legal system. Condemnation is not fair. Condemnation favors the Justice Department and the legal system," said Cushman from his California office.
6/30/88 OPINION -- David and Goliath - Concord Journal - While one shudders to think the federal government would ever hurt a community, the fact is national objectives do not always jibe with local needs.  But this doesn't mean a community's needs should be overlooked or cannot be met. The responsibility for making sure the National Park Service doesn't run roughshod over Concord lies with its citizens. The town must stand up for itself.
6/23/88 Opinion - Is this what minutemen fought and died for? - Concord Journal - Two hundred and thirteen years ago, the issue was taxation without representation. Today, another governmental body is continuing a similar tactic on the very land where the colonists fought to escape tyranny and establish a free union.

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