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April 28, 1997


(Battle Ground, Washington) -- Today, American Land Rights Association (ALRA) has entered the cyber-world with a new website. Packed full of useful information, helpful ideas and how-to's, ALRA's website is a must for private property owners and multiple-use advocates.

"We have such a diverse constituency at ALRA, that our website had to be equal to that diversity," said Elizabeth West, Assistant Director and creator of the website. "It's been a joint effort of the entire ALRA staff to put this together. We are very pleased with the results."

The website contains ALRA Action Alerts, articles of interest, information on current federal legislation that could impact each constituency group, and tools that can be used to deal with the media or Congress. Very user-friendly, the ALRA site can be a stepping stone to other pro-Wise Use grassroots websites and useful Federal government sites.

"We wanted to make our site as helpful and action-oriented as we believe our entire organization is," said Chuck Cushman, ALRA Executive Director. "We have a dedicated staff that will keep our website current and will add new information on a routine basis. This can be a very valuable weapon in our fight against over-regulation and big government."

ALRA's Internet address is www.landrights.org

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