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BY STATE Analysis of CARA state by state -- Is your state a CARA deficit "bleeder"?   Graphs and description.


DON YOUNG STATEMENTS ON CARA, ENVIRONMENTALISTS, AND PRIVATE PROPERTY - ...first discovered courtesy of the Wilderness Society website! 1999 or 2000 the Wilderness Society removed the page and sanitized the website of material critical of Don Young (R-Alaska).
CARA ALASKA LWCF History and Projections - CARA will increase base funding for Federal acquisition by 16 times for Alaska.  Why should there ever be even one more acre of government land in Alaska!!
Exxon Valdez Land Trust Abuses (Senator Murkowski objects to half of the trust being diverted to land purchases -- What gives???); Alaska Land Statistics -- only 1/3 of 1% private, non native corporation land!!  
6/19/00 RESPONSE TO KEN TAYLOR ADF&G DIRECTOR OF HABITAT - He characterized critics of CARA as extremists.
5/20/00 CARA:  Resolution of the Alaska Republican Party [Regarding CARA - S.25 and H.R.701] - Alaska State Republican Party Rejects CARA Land Buying and Off-Budget Trusts      (Anchorage Daily News article)
5/9/00 Senator Murkowski on APRN - Transcript:  "Senator, ...we are trying our darndest to understand why on earth you would be pushing these CARA trust funds that are going to increase money for federal land acquisition in Alaska by sixteen times.  Why should even one more acre of private land be taken over by the feds here?...Is the Senator willing to filibuster if those property protections are stripped out?"
5/1/00 Don Young on KFAR (Fairbanks) - Transcript:  "...if you don't have availability for people to go out into the woods and have the availability of fish and game so people can go fishing and hunting, you're going to lose the thinking people of America....This is a bigger problem than just this little [CARA] bill of mine..."
4/24/00 Don Young at the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce Forum
- Transcript:  "If the local representative elected from the district objects to an acquisition, then we strike it from the bill."  Don Young warned people not to believe what they see on the Internet or read in e-mails.
12/18/00 Elizabeth Manning, Anchorage Daily News - NATIVE LANDS AT RISK-COALITION ATTEMPTS TO SAVE ALLOTMENTS - [Environmental groups work for land monopoly in the Alaska Bush by encouraging government buys of private native land to keep it out of the hands of non-natives.]
5/13/01 Elizabeth Manning, Anchorage Daily News - Land trusts' popularity booming - Groups have spent more than $65 million buying Alaska land.  Alaska Land-Trust Groups   
5/14/01 Paula Dobbyn, Anchorage Daily News
- Group saves environment by buying it. NATURE CONSERVANCY: Land deals, education at heart of organization's agenda.
ARKANSAS Buffalo National River - Inholder study
'Mistrust of Park Service is too high,' says Buffalo River watershed planner - Julie Stewart, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 9/16/99.
Governor's Forum Airs Fears of NPS Intrusion - Arkansas Counties up in arms about Park Service watershed planning - fear of "Man and the Biosphere:, UN Heritage area being sneaked through; Deep distrust of Government, Newton County Times, 9/23/99.
Park Service Lambasted About River 300 Disgruntled Residents Show Up For Buffalo Forum- If you had any questions about how people feel about having the National Park Service as a neighbor, read the following news report. It does not make sense to pass CARA, the Conservation and Reinvestment Act (HR-701 and S-25), to take more private land away from more Americans. The result is more stories like this one. Doug Thompson, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 9/17/99.
State Taking Property off Local Tax Rolls Bothers some Lawmakers - Ray Pierce, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 9/3/99
CALIFORNIA Sequoia National Forest - The Imperial Presidency: 355,000-acre 'land-grab' on fast track - Public opposition, demonstrations growing against 'big tree' monument 
LOUISIANA Ray Kreig & Lee Ann Gerhart - LOUISIANA COAST WETLANDS LOSSES -- Are federal Outer Continental Shelf activities responsible?  July 10, 2000 report for American Land Rights Association
MIDWEST MINNESOTA - Voyageurs National Park
* State Senator Bob Lessard - 3/2/95 Congressional testimony
* State Senator Doug Johnson - 2/27/95 Congressional testimony

OHIO - Darby National Wildlife Refuge
No Darby Refuge!  Citizens fight US Fish & Wildlife Service plans to create refuge from some of the most productive farm land in the US.  CARA will supply the money to destroy these 200 year old communities and family farms.
    Marietta Chamber of Commerce

* Appalachian Trail - Inholder Study

Northern Forest Acquisition Initiatives -- Volunteer researcher needed. Please contact ALRA.
* Property Rights in Maine - Defense of property rights is a huge issue in rural Maine.
* - A conservative Maine website with discussion of CARA
* - More information on environmental and conservative activities in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.

National Park Service Attack on Graymoor Friars of Garrison NY
* AMERICAN LAND RIGHTS ASSOCIATION COMMENT.  Included is a history of the nationally deteriorating relationship between the Park Service and trail landowners.

TENNESSEE CADES COVE, Great Smokey Mountains National Park community destroyed by the National Park Service during the depression.

* TENNESSEE VALLEY AUTHORITY abuse history -- Volunteer researcher needed. Please contact ALRA.

TEXAS Hill Country Heritage Association -- Asks Bush to Defend Texas 
VIRGINIA * Mt. Rogers NRA - Inholders study
* Blue Ridge Parkway - Inholder study
* Shenandoah National Park - Washington Post article on NPS evictions of rural people from the Blue Ridge to make way for the park in the 1930's.
* Virginians for Property Rights - US vs. NPS - [complete book to be posted, please check back!]
WEST * California - Redwood National Park - 3/2/98 Anna Sparks, Congressional testimony
* California - Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge - 3/2/98 John Baranek, Congressional testimony
* Olympic National Park - Inholder study

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