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d(2) Part 2, Alaska Lands, Promises Broken - JP Tangen, Ed. - 2000
Land Gone Lonesome - Dan O'Neil - 2006

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Historic first RWCA issued by Danny Rosenkrans - The National Park Service (NPS) Alaska Regional Director, Marcia Blaszak, and private landowners Susan and Jack Smith, signed an Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act (ANILCA) 1110(b) Right-of-Way Certificate of Access (RWCA) on April 23, 2008.
2/08 Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) - Established and Maintainable Access to Inholdings Environmental Assessment - NPS, WRST.  Contains summary and response to the public comments to the 11/28/07 EA (page 8-20).
11/28/07 Established and Maintainable Access to Inholdings Environmental Assessment   EA text   Appendices - Public Comments Requested by the National Park Service. THIS IS APPARENTLY THE SECOND TIME THAT THE SAMPLE RWCA APPEARED (see Appendix E, pages 1 - 5).  Access to Inholdings Newsletter    The public comments to this EA are in the FONSI above.   
7/13/07 An Interim User's Guide to Accessing Inholdings in National Park System Units in Alaska - [on ALRA website also]  Letter from Marcia Blaszak, NPS - Interim User's Guide to Accessing Inholdings in NPS Units in Alaska" available.   Press Release  THIS IS APPARENTLY THE FIRST TIME THAT THE SAMPLE RWCA APPEARED (see page 23).
7&8/07 Access to inholdings update - By Susan Smith, Chairperson, Residents of the Wrangells - Wrangell-St. Elias News (McCarthy)
6/07 Park Service Publishes New Access Guide - by Marcia Blaszak - RDC Resource Review [also published in the Wrangell-St. Elias News (McCarthy) July & August 2007 issue].

Alaska Land Rights Coalition comments -- A comprehensive review of NPS interference with access to private, state and native inholdings.   WE ARE AT A HISTORIC JUNCTURE [message to landowners and others concerned].
6/6/06 NPS letter extending deadline to 9/1/06.  Abbreviated WRST version.
5/27/06  Comment deadline.   AkLRC letter requesting extension.   
Comment letters:  Residents of the Wrangells   University of Alaska Land Management   Resource Development Council   Rick Kenyon (McCarthy)   National Parks Conservation Association   
5/4/06 Dan Bross - KUAC Fairbanks news - John Quinley [NPS] and Rick Kenyon [ROW] interviewed
5&6/06 Wrangell-St. Elias News (McCarthy) - 

Second Draft Access Handbook still lacking - By Susan Smith, Chairperson, Residents of the Wrangells - 
Access Guide needs more work - By Susan Smith - 
John E. (Jed) Davis, 19492006 - Obituary of NPS Park Superintendent who was really trying to help solve problems.

3/27/06 NPS USER'S GUIDE TO ACCESS INHOLDINGS - DRAFT 2  Press Release  Cover Letter  Text  Comments
7/05 Access guide for park inholders draws sharp comments from Alaskans - Resource Review [Resource Development Council for Alaska]
6/15/05 National Parks and Conservation Association comment letter#2 (Jim Stratton)
5/25/05 NPS: Park Access Guide Being Revised - Second Draft Due Out Later This Year.  
5/13/05 State of Alaska comment letter - Sally Gibert, State ANILCA Program Coordinator  
4/28/05 National Parks and Conservation Association comment letter#1 (Jim Stratton)
2/11/05 NPS USER'S GUIDE TO ACCESS INHOLDINGS - DRAFT 1  Press Release  Text  Comments (Public Correspondence Log)   Another copy of the Text on Residents of the Wrangells website.


NEIL DARISH - Anchorage Daily News [Op-Ed] - Let national park residents thrive - In the 1960s, conservationists considered man a threat to the wilderness. Old Park Service management philosophy marginalized or eliminated locals. New Park Service management ideas incorporate cultural assets, and some parks are "run with, for and, in some cases, by local people"...In Europe and much of the developing world, "living landscapes" and residents are embraced as an essential part of their national parks; and it has been that way for the last 50 years. America's Park Service still struggles with thriving cultures as a resource worthy of preservation...In the Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Ohio, there is fresh thinking about the notion of a "lived-in" park. The superintendent, John Debo, views continued occupancy, in certain circumstances, to contribute to the purposes for which the park was created. He uses the terminology "residents" and "partners" rather than "in-holders," the latter implying something to be eliminated...The Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act enshrines Alaska's preservation of the cultural elements of remote living. The Park Service did not welcome private property in parks when Wrangell-St. Elias was formed. Congress created ANILCA to protect against the old Park Service management objective of eliminating all private land...The Park Service can become our hero if we as resident stewards are treated with respect by the Park Service -- here and in Washington, D.C...What is needed is a clear statement from our Park Service Alaska regional director that her philosophy allows the residents in this park to thrive.
1/23/04 NPS - EA: McCarthy Creek Temporary Access Issued - See Hale family access log.


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