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Alaska Citizens Advisory Commission on Federal Areas (CACFA) [ALRA webpage] 
subcommittee:  Alaska State Lands Advisory Group (ASLAG) 
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June 30, 2017


Submitted For Consideration By: Citizens’ Advisory Commission on Federal Areas Charles Lean, Chair Alaska State Lands Advisory Group Mead Treadwell, Chair

American Lands Council (Ken Ivory, President) - American Lands Council is leading the charge to secure local control of the health and productivity of our lands by giving leaders the knowledge and courage to battle for this only solution big enough to fix the problem. 

Video Shorts:  There’s a Problem. What are YOU Going to Do About It? [3 minute summary of the problem]  Sen. Murkowski: ‘We Need to Divest'  [3:13 min]  Rep. Rob Bishop Explains How Lands are Crucial to Funding Education [1:08 min]  NPR and Fox News (Megyn Kelly) Federal Management of Public Lands Endangers Oregon Safety  [3:12 min]  MT Governor Bullock: Federal vs. State Land Management [3:12 min]

Videos - Images - Slides - Documents:  ALC Library  See especially the Slides

Basic Facts Booklet - Public Lands : Better Access : Better Health : Better Productivity

Public Lands and the Federal Government’s Compact-Based “Duty to Dispose”: A Case Study of Utah’s H.B. 148 – The Transfer of Public Lands Act - Donald J. Kochan - Brigham Young University Law Review, 2013

Kochan, Donald J., A Legal Overview of Utah's H.B. 148 – The Transfer of Public Lands Act (January 14, 2013). Federalist Society for Law & Public Policy Studies White Paper (Jan. 2013); Chapman University Law Research Paper No. 13-3.  29 p.  The Federalist Society is a national organization of 40,000 lawyers, scholars, professors, and students. 

Carrie Ann Donnell, Utah’s Transfer of Public Lands Act: A Legal Case for Localizing Land Ownership (December 5, 2013); Sutherland Institute, Center for Self Government in the West, Salt Lake City. 8 p.

No Laughing Matter: Utah’s Fight to Reclaim Federal Lands by Austin Anderson (February 26, 2013); Michigan Journal of Environmental and Administrative Law.

University of Utah Legal Analysis Ignores "Stubborn Facts" on the Transfer of Public Lands Movement by Ken Ivory.  Ken Ivory, an attorney and Utah State Representative, is the president of the American Lands Council.

THE FORGOTTEN LINCHPIN in the case for STATEHOOD EQUALITY - An Analysis of The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 with Respect to Federally Controlled Lands - January 2019, 2nd Edition April 2019 by BILL HOWELL, Hurricane, Utah - AMERICAN LANDS COUNCIL FOUNDATION.

Center for Self-Government in the West (Carl Graham, Director)  


6/11/15 - ASLAG and CACFA host special presentation at Fairbanks Legislative Information Office focusing on the legal basis for the transfer of public lands to states by John Howard, an attorney specializing in these issues that is providing expert advice to the state of Utah.  Video expected to be posted on Gavel Alaska. 

6/9/15 - First ASLAG meeting; agenda.  

4/6/15 - Alaska State House passes HB115 - New section added to the state statutes:  The Alaska Sovereignty and Transfer of Federal Public Land to Alaska Act.  It requires transfer of all remaining federal lands in Alaska to the state before January 1, 2017 except for military reservations or national parks.  

YEAS: 27 NAYS: 11 EXCUSED: 2 ABSENT: 0    [*=Sponsors]  [Rep  Dem  Ind]
Yeas: Chenault*, Colver, Edgmon, Foster, Gattis, Hawker, Hughes*, Johnson*, Keller*, LeDoux, Lynn*, Millett*, Munoz, Nageak, Neuman*, Olson*, Ortiz, Pruitt, Reinbold*, Saddler*, Seaton, Stutes, Talerico*, Thompson*, Tilton*, Vazquez, Wilson | Nays: Claman, Drummond, Gara, Gruenberg, Guttenberg, Josephson, Kawasaki, Kreiss-Tomkins, Tarr, Tuck, Wool | Excused: Herron*, Kito

1/14/15 - CACFA passes resolution establishing the Alaska State Lands Advisory Group (ASLAG).  Among other things, ASLAG has been tasked with understanding, discussing and advising on the viability of and potential for transferring the ownership and/or management of federal public lands in Alaska to the State of Alaska. Tentative working charter  More context on the CACFA meeting page.

1/9/15 - The Fight Is ON! Utah Demands Feds Hand Over Lands - Issues Dec 31, 2014 Deadline under the Utah Transfer of Public Lands Act - Hear the plan from Kane County (Utah) Commissioner Doug Heaton who visited Anchorage for the American Lands Council - LAND RIGHTS VIDEO (1:42:19 min) - United for Liberty Alaska Special Meeting Cosponsored by Alaska Policy Forum.

1/3/15 - Fight Is ON: Utah Issues Dec 31 Deadline to Feds Over Lands - RT - 

12/3/14 - Utah to seize own land from government, challenge federal dominance of Western states - ‘Transfer of Public Lands Act’ demands Washington relinquish 31.2 million acres by Dec. 31 - By Valerie Richardson - The Washington Times -  

10/9/14 - Deseret News (Salt Lake City) - Western state leaders convene in Salt Lake City, urge control of federal lands - by Amy Joi O'Donoghue - Representative from 14 states — including South Carolina — met in Salt Lake City this week and unanimously endorsed a public policy statement that calls on the federal government to turn its lands over to state control.

10/9/14 - American Lands Council Press Conference in Salt Lake City

This 34 minute Press Conference video answers many of the questions people have about the Transfer of Public Lands. Share this with your friends, family colleagues and elected officials and help dispel the myths.

5/27/14 - Washington Versus the People: The Solution to Today's Land War - Steven F. Hayward - Forbes -